New Members – Welcome

New members to the Club and Ridernet can use this link to Ridernet to join the Club – choose Trial as the discipline and AJS MotoTrials as the Club. This will allow you to join using credit card payments through Ridernet.

Information about our membership is presented below.

Information for Existing Members

Information for existing members about Renewing your membership has been sent to your e-mail and is also available by logging into Ridernet and then choose to renew your membership. PLEASE choose your 2021 type of membership from the drop down menu.

Membership Types

To actively support the ongoing development of our Junior riders, encourage the use of the AJS Trials Park by all of our members, and taking into consideration all our members differing riding requirements, the Club has updated and simplified the structure of membership categories and fees from last year. The Club has continued with the ‘Base Membership’ and ‘Membership with Park’ categories with these being applied to Senior, Junior and Family membership but with new updates as follows:

  1. Base Membership is most suited to the member who may not often use the Trial Park for practice.
  2. Membership with Park category recognises that there are members who use the park more often as they live closer OR do not have other opportunities/properties to practice.

The Membership with Park annual costs have been updated to accommodate a “season ticket” arrangement whereby the overall annual cost has been increased but for riders with Membership with Park, there is now no fee for practice at the Park throughout 2021.

The Base Membership annual fee remains as last year, however, the fee for practice at the park has been reduced to $5 for each ride for a senior rider.

For 2021, Junior Members will now have no fee to practice at the Park.

Category of Membership
Life Membership
(as awarded by the Club)
Senior Base Membership
Senior Membership with Park
Family Base Membership
Family Membership with Park
Junior Membership (includes Park)
Social Membership
Cost of Practice at the Park
Senior Rider with Base Membership
Senior Rider with Park Membership
Life Member
Junior Member


  • Senior Member – 16 years of age or over as at 1st January 2021.
  • Junior Membership – under 16 years of age as at 1st January 2021.
  • Family Membership – up to 2 adults and any number of children living at home who are studying at school/TAFE/University and are under 21 years of age as at 1st January 2021.
  • Social Membership – non-riding membership for anyone who wishes to be involved in the activities of the club, with full voting rights at meetings.
  • AJS Trial Park Key – Only available to those with Practice Supervisor Accreditation – No Charge. For full details see the Trial Park Key Application form.

Membership lasts until the end of each year, when it is to be renewed. Members wishing to practice at the park outside of official club events must adhere to the prescribed rules.

Membership for 2021

If you are a new member you should use Ridernet to join the club or if you are an existing member wanting to renew your membership you should log into Ridernet to renew your membership.

Membership Guidelines

All members of AJS MotoTrials Club of WA Inc. should ensure that the following guidelines are adhered to:

  • Sign on sheets MUST be filled in and signed prior to you commencing riding or practising at AJS Trial Park.
  • For Senior Riders with Base Membership, the practice fee per rider MUST be paid by enclosing it in a supplied envelope with your name and date of practice, prior to commencing riding/practicing.
  • Non-members are NOT permitted to ride at AJS Trial Park.
  • All club members and/or officials including observers will be treated with absolute respect and politeness by all competitors, there will be zero tolerance of any abuse or mistreatment of any official during an event. They are ALL volunteers!
  • As above, AJS MotoTrials Club of WA supports the NO HASSLE POLICY put forward by MWA and in your Manual of Motorcycle Sport. This policy includes Officials and Volunteers of the Club.

AJS Trial Park Key Requirements

  • To apply for a key to the AJS Trial Park for Practice, you must have a current MWA Practice Supervisor Level 1 accreditation or Coach, Clerk of Course or Steward as endorsed on your MA Licence.  A change by MWA is that you no longer are required to hold a current Provide First Aid Certificate – but that is well advised.
  • Fill in the 2021 Key Holder Application Form (available here) and return to Mark Wilson, Member Registrar (address on the form)
  • You must enclose a photocopy of BOTH SIDES of your Practice Supervisor or approved MWA licence with your completed application form – without this, a key cannot be issued.
  • To undertake the Practice Supervisor Course click here to complete the course online which costs $30 (payable online).
  • While a Practice Supervisor is no longer required to hold a current First Aid certificate, the AJS MotoTrials Club of WA Inc. recommends all motorcycle activity should have some form of first aid available and our club recommends that a first aider is in attendance whenever possible.
  • Note that any practice must be undertaken with at least two people present – under no circumstances should members ride alone. Practice Supervisors must sign on, as an official, at the Club Shed.

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