Unlike most other forms of motorcycle sport, MotoTrials is not racing. It is simply you and your bike pitted against the terrain. MotoTrials is a sport of balance, skill and concentration. One at a time, competitors will ride over an obstacle course of boulders, streams, hill climbs, logs, drop offs, and nearly anything else they can find. MotoTrials is the world’s most popular participatory motorcycle sport. In Australia about one thousand riders compete, – in Europe hundreds of thousands compete regularly. MotoTrials riders compete in ALL weather conditions!!! There are classes for everyone. From Juniors of 16 years of age – down to barely walking, through to Veterans from 40 to 70+. There are classes to cover all rider ability levels, with Expert, A, B, C, and Clubman/Novice levels. There are also classes for Masters (35+). Other classes include Sidecar, Post-Classic (twin shock) and Classic. Whilst it is spectacular and sometimes appears dangerous at the top level, it is a very safe sport. Speed and other competitors are not factors likely to cause incidents, so the sport remains very safe. Very few injuries are sustained due to the low speeds and “one at a time” use of sections by competitors. Riders in the top classes attempt seemingly impossible obstacles, and in the process perform some of the most amazing skilled and trick riding – including air turns, bunny hops and bouncing the front and rear wheels during turns.

From myself, Samm Fowler, and all the committee members, we are please to announce the re-commencement of the 2020 Trials season in Western Australia.
If you, your family or a friend wants to help out please get in touch with the club via email or Facebook. There is still $50 given to observers, a small gesture to help us make the day a success.


Next Trial Event:

Entries are now open for the very last event of the 2020 season and can be found here
The Annual AJS night Trial will be held on Saturday 31 October at the AJS trials park in Wattle Ave East, Neerabup and will commence at 2.30pm with a six section trial in the park. At the conclusion of the trial there will be a sausage sizzle and then – when the sun goes down the lights will come on and the top three place-getters from grades T1 – T5 (plus a wildcard or two dependent on numbers) will ride off, in the bowl, for some great prizes.
To prepare the park for this we would like to ask as many riders as possible to drop in for an hour or two on Saturday 24 October from 8.30am for a working bee. As always, many hands make light work so please drop in if you can spare some time no matter how little………….
Cornel Scheibling
Club Secretary

AJS Mototrials Park
On Wednesday 1 July the park will reopen for keyholders under the normal practice permit. Please be aware that all attendees must follow the rules including: Social Distancing, sign on, and practice supervisor requirements. To recognise the inconvenience of park closure for the first half of the year, there will be no charge for keyholders riding at the park up until 31 December 2020. Additionally, any members attending with keyholders will not be charged this year.

The 2020 Calendar is now available from this link. The 2020 Events will be available on Ridernet as well as the Event Registration Page for Entry or the Club Facebook page for Event information.


Future Trials Event: – The 2020 Calendar is now available – link.

Information about joining the Club is available under the Club Information / Membership Page – see this link

Membership can be renewed by existing members or those already on Ridernet by logging into Ridernet and Renewing through the Club Membership Menu. New members to the Club and Ridernet can use this link to link directly with Ridernet to join the Club.

Latest Results

The Results from the events are available on the Club’s Facebook page (including photos). Latest results are stored in the Latest Results folder. Past results are stored in the Results folder.

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Club Incorporation

The “Club” – AJS MotoTrials Club of WA Inc.  – was formally incorporated as its own entity under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015. This incorporation formalises the structure and administration of the new club while preserving the history of the AJS MCC of WA Inc. – one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Australia, having been established in 1923. This incorporation preserves this long history, including our life members, and the longest serving riding member of AJS MCC, our very own trials rider Mike Thorpe – a member for 50+ years. For more information and reading of the new Constitution, please follow this link.

Trials Events:

The post-covid 2020 calendar is now available: here – be an “observer” and keep an eye out for it. Use Ridernet or via our Event Registration Menu to enter events as they become available.

The AJS MotoTrials Club Calendar

The 2020 Calendar is now available. Please click the image below. Volunteers to lay out the events and provide the required officials are being sought – feel free to volunteer. The calendar has been planned between the two Trials clubs to avoid clashes and giving many different events to ride during the year starting in February, in between cleaning, maintenance, and care for the bike(s) in the garage/shed.

AJS MotoTrials Calendar pdf

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